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Soft Solder Flux

All our soft solder fluxes are compatible with all our soft solder alloys...

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Soft Solder Flux

Flux form
range ºC
Removal of flux residue
SOFT SOLDER FLUX No. 1 Liquid 150 - 400
Hot water
For stainless steel.
Flux residue is corrosive
150 - 400
Hot water For general useage

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Soft Solder Flux No. 1S (corrosive) This flux is recommended for use on stainless and carbon steels, but can be used on non-ferrous alloys. Highly active liquid flux.Corrosive residue removed with hot or cold water. Product Details
Soft Solder Flux No. 2S (semi-corrosive) A semi-corrosive flux for use on copper and brass. Particularly effective with our tin based soft solders. Product Details

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